The Serpetinis company has its roots in the Cycladic island of Tinos, home of one of the most renowned sculpture and marble carving schools in the world. For more than 150 years, skills and tradition have been passed down from generation to generation, making the Serpetinis family synonymous with the processing of marble – from marble craftsmanship with tools like carving chisels, rulers and compasses to creating the most demanding textures with new age technology machinery.


Driven by the timeless preference and the constant demand of Architecture and Art for natural stones, our company continues to research and invest in quality raw materials, equipment and know-how for the processing of marble, as well as other pioneering materials.

Today, in its privately owned facilities in Acharnes, Attica, the Serpetinis company has three main product processing lines, corresponding to three groups of materials: marble, ceramic slabs (slim-tech, large-size) and acrylic. Within a few years we managed to stand out by participating in projects of very high requirements and specifications in acrylic material applications as well as new generation ceramic surfaces.


Furthermore, Serpetinis was the first company in Greece and Europe, that after many years of research created the Kerlock, by adapting an aluminum honeycomb panel to ceramic surfaces as a safe, durable and at the same time anti-corrosion substrate, which unimaginably expanded its application.


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