By aligning around the customer, we implement bespoke projects that combine art and technology for any architectural need. Our team offers specialized solutions to the client, having a consulting and supportive attitude, from the choice of material and the design till the final implementation of
the project.

The Serpetinis company imports and processes a wide range of ceramic, sintered stone, acrylic solid and natural stone materials, as well as quartz, precious stone and semi-precious stone.

Our variety of applications include cladding (interior and exterior), flooring, as well as, manufacturing of utilitarian elements, such as kitchen surfaces, bathroom installations, sinks tabs, showers, etc. for residential buildings, administrative buildings, museums, hotels as well as public urban spaces of various sizes, including art installations.

After many years of research, the Serpetinis company in cooperation with the Metallock company pioneered both in Greece and Europe to apply the aluminum honeycomb as a safe substrate in combination with ceramic surfaces. The “Kerlock” panel is a compound of these diverse materials,
which are bonded together in a permanent fusion with applicability in a number of uses ranging from kitchen counters to cladding walls. Its innovative weightless design combined with its cost-effectiveness offer a product for the future ready to be used in a wide range of applications and solutions.


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